cotton strawberries

by shibuya bowling

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-Manes (bajo y batería)
-Andrew (bajo y guitarra)
-Renzo (guitarra)
-yo (voz, teclado y snobismo)


released May 1, 2017



all rights reserved


shibuya bowling Caracas, Venezuela

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Track Name: songs about specific and unknown thoughts and feelings provoked by conscious and unconscious experiences wrote by somebody lacking of both knowledge and experience
i crawl, i’m trying to collect the thoughts you stole
when you took my heart without any notice
my emptiness becomes vast
if i wasn’t clever before
how can you possible expect me to be right now
if you’ve got my head rolling around the floor, love
Track Name: particles
today i woke up and fell out of bed, scratched my back and my skin looks pale
i can’t think of any other day i would much rather disappear

to fade away feels like a dystopian dream
but it is only a fact i’ve got to bear, we all slowly disintegrate

as a million particles that float through air

for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.
i feel my bones as they grow old and slowly start to ache

i miss your face and the way you smiled when i said
all those things that kept rumbling on and on inside my chest

i heard a man the other day say we are all doomed because we never had true faith
i guess it’s true since i can’t even believe in myself
Track Name: inside my head
today the rain fell around 4 pm
i looked up to find myself sitting on the floor again

inside my head i find the saddest place
and i’ve got terrifying dreams i guess it must be, it must be
indeed a sunday

solitude isn’t bliss, at least not for me
isolation no longer helps my head breath

i need you by my side right now
i don’t longer want to talk with myself out loud
Track Name: before, you
before you came into my life, i had issues
well, i guess i haven't got rid of them

i'm self aware about how many things i possess that could make anyone say
“oh why should i keep you together“

but not you, you're different

before you came into my life, it was looking tough
existence felt heavy for me, but now, i sleep and i've got to admit
i'm lucky i really am

to see your eyes and say i'm yours is the most pleasant thing of them all
and when night arrives i‘ll keep my eyes out the window

and even though you’re unreachable sometimes, you’re never far enough for me to let go of you

i’m sorry but you built somebody else that wasn’t me, i’m better when you’re around
Track Name: french rodeo
i’ve been longing for your return for so long, my dear

i can’t tell how long i’ve been standing here

it feels these weeks have passed away as centuries
and my heart is so frail,

i think my guts will be blown away when i see your face again
Track Name: fate has your name written all over It
i’ll pretend there’s nobody as deep as me
but you’ll realize eventually there’s no complexity inside

i’ll take for granted that afterwards you get to know me
you won’t call or want to speak to me again

you somehow managed to take off my disguise
i’m a hatch filled with insecurities but i’ve blossomed into something else with you

i’ve bloomed because of you
and now all the things that once made me weep
or all the thoughts that one day made my hope disappear

no longer hunt me
oh no, they no longer hunt me

and even though i didn’t used to believe in such concepts as destiny, fate seemed just like a lost cause of christianity
but now i’m a leech for it

i really do think you’re too good to just be, to just have been somehow luckily put in front of me

i’ll pretend there’s nobody as deep as me
but you’ll realize eventually there’s no complexity inside

i’ll take for granted that afterwards you get to know me
you won’t call or want to speak to me again

i held all these beliefs until you somehow managed to make life worth living
i’ve blossomed because of you
of you
like a thief, behind the door
Track Name: chemicals
you met him in a crowded place or maybe on some lonely café
now you‘ve got to know him really well, but you no longer stand his ways

it feels like chemicals didn‘t work so well

you rather want to be away than share your bed

now his face doesn‘t seem so nice and he doesn‘t sound so clever