i‘m no longer tired

by shibuya bowling

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released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


shibuya bowling Caracas, Venezuela

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Track Name: To Love You Is My Privilege, My Crime
your tender skin bathed inside dying lights it’s such a pleasure for my sight
there’s still a frame of you i saved in my mind
like a photograph

your eyes look so divine when you let the sunshine have a glance
they’re just so alive, you’re a piece of art i could never be found tired of staring at
and your lovely lips, i swear they’re my only need

to love you is my privilege, my crime
a burden i’d be honoured to carry until i die
your existence is such a delight
Track Name: sometimes i wish
sometimes i wish i could have met you long ago
to know i missed your smile for so long makes me thrilled

but sometimes i just think how good it has been
just to know you when i did because i wouldn’t change a single thing

sometimes i wish i didn’t met you at all,
life feels so wonderful right now i just never want it to stop

so i hope you never get tired, i really do want
to be forever yours, i know we’re born alone
but i truly hope we die in love

sometimes i wish i met you long ago
to know i never tasted your lips before
makes me wonder
how did i even got through life this far

to never have known someone like you
Track Name: shine
laying down in between the left overs of sunlight
your hips and your bones look so beautiful
they shine against the wall

i follow the trace the lights left behind and
the scent of your neck is the one i most desire

it follows me around the room when i walk
i’d love to die just to live one thousand lives were i make you mine

laying down with you, there’s no other thing i’d rather do
because everybody else just seems to be stuck on the same page
they carry themselves such disgrace

laying down in between the left overs of sunlight
your hips and your bones look so beautiful
they shine against the wall

and you glow inside
Track Name: untitled 4
i’ve been swimming on the depths of the unknown by myself
way too long and all i’ve got to say is that i’m lost
so i hope you don’t mind being my guide

all across the bloom of despair on your arms i found somewhere
were i can truly say i feel safe

so i hope you don’t mind staying after all, after all
Track Name: ;(.aif
all those times i’ve heard you cry
have made the world lose a little bit of light
when it takes away from us your lovely smile

i miss you so bad and i hate the thought of you feeling sad
i’ve met the feeling of despair on my mind so many times i know what is it for you to feel like that

but you aren’t a waste at all, you’re so beautiful and so pure
whereas i am the worst
and the least i can do is to wish that the world hasn’t stolen your smile today
Track Name: mess
oh darling won’t you ever leave me
i’m so tired i need you to fulfill me
oh darling can’t you tell i’d die if you left
oh darling won’t you ever leave me
i’m so empty i need you to fulfill me
i’m so empty
Track Name: forgive me if i ever feel down
i cried twice today before i had the guts to leave my bed
i tried to drown myself on a bathtub earlier today
i cried the whole way across the hall until i reached the door
but then you came along, you came along to make me safe
you hold me and never left, oh yeah you never left
now i know there’s something i should be living for and it’s you
it’s you
Track Name: blue (demo)
hold me,
i’d love to soak myself on every tear that has got the pleasure to be on your face
make me feel tiny, unreachable to sight every time the sun hides, like shrinking into a microscopical figure covered by grey bored gloomy tones